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Meals & Safety at the Kangaroo Club

Caring for Your Children at The Kangaroo Club

You know the needs of your child better than anybody so in order for us to provide the best care and attention to them, we would appreciate it if you could please complete the following two forms:

Check-In Form
Food & Beverage Safety Form

Please print, fill in and return both of these forms to the Kangaroo Club Supervisor in advance of your child participating in the Kangaroo Club Programme.

Caring Catering for your Children

Providing nutritional needs with the tasty types of food we know children enjoy to eat has ensured a delicious, balanced menu at our Kangaroo Club Restaurant. The energy each recipe provides has been carefully considered by our chefs, who have created a variety of food combinations to provide every child with the best fuel for their fun.

Hygiene and Safety Measures

The Kangaroo Club is a space for children, operated by Penina Hotel and Golf Resort. Abiding by the Hotel international standards, the main concern of the Kangaroo Club is to offer children the safest and healthiest environment so they may enjoy all the fun that the Kangaroo Club has to offer.

Our Kids Club conducts regular internal audits of Hygiene and Safety by specialized auditors and simultaneously through verifications by its employees with adequate training.

Abiding strict safety measures, the Club is totally fence guarded and can only be accessed by the Club's Reception Area. Our shift supervisors receive specialized training in order to deal with any type of situation that arises with regards to children and are first aid trained (which is regularly updated).

Our team are fully trained, to the highest standards... and the Kangaroo Club is fully accessible to children with special needs or other requirements. All outside areas are adequately shaded and the club operates to the highest health and safety guidelines.

Kangaroo Club Regulations

Our objective at Penina Hotel & Golf Resort is to create a safe and pleasant environment so that all our guests fully enjoy all facilities and services.

The Kangaroo Club is dedicated to our youngest guests, to afford them moments of true relaxation and recreation in a healthy and safe ambience.

With the safety of all children and the efficient running of the Club in mind, we kindly ask you to observe the following rules:

  • The Kangaroo Club area is reserved for children from 1 to 12 years old inclusive.
  • The ages mentioned in the programme of activities must be fulfilled, as each activity is tailored to different age groups.
  • The crèche is only available for children between 1 and 3 years old, and each supervisor can only look after 3 babies at a time.
  • The activities performed outside the Club, such as: golf, putting, tennis, hotel tour, etc, must be previously authorised by the parents. The minimum number of children allowed in these activities is 4 and the maximum is 10 children, per supervisor.
  • Children under the age of 3 can only use the pool accompanied by their parents or with their prior authorisation. Use of a specific nappy or bathing trunks is compulsory.
  • For safety reasons and well running of the Club, some activities have specific rules and schedules, in particular: the bouncing castle, pool and bicycle track.
  • For public health reasons, please inform us if your child carries any illness or disease that may affect others, such as: flu, diarrhoea, measles, chicken pox, etc.
  • Children or adults carrying any contagious disease are not allowed in the Club.
  • Children requiring special care must have the exclusive attention of a supervisor, and this must be requested at least 48 hours in advance. This service will be charged as an individual babysitting.
  • Access to the Club may be denied to a child or an adult whose incorrect behaviour can affect either the safety of others or the Club operation.
  • Our Club supervisors are responsible among other tasks, for the fulfilment of the programme of activities and to watch over the behaviour and safety of the children in their care.
  • The parents accompanying their children are responsible for their security, as well as the following of the rules in force.
  • Smoking and alcohol are not allowed in the Club.
  • Glass objects, such as: glasses, bottles or dishes are not allowed in the Club.
  • The Hotel is not liable for any injury suffered by the Club users, not caused by the Hotel's negligence or that of their employees. The Hotel is not liable for the loss or damage to property howsoever caused arising in connection with the existence, condition or use of the Club.

For any information, or enquiries you may have regarding the kids club, please contact the Kangaroo Club Supervisor directly on EXT 4241 or email here.

Cake Toppings at the Kangaroo Kids Club at Penina Hotel and Golf Resort
Cake Toppings at the Kangaroo Kids Club at Penina Hotel and Golf Resort

Rates & Timetable

The Kangaroo Club is a world class kids club available to hotel guests at Penina Hotel & Gold Resort in the Algarve. See our rates and information.

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Pool at the Kangaroo Kids Club at Penina Hotel and Golf Resort
Pool at the Kangaroo Kids Club at Penina Hotel and Golf Resort


The Kangaroo Club offers kids their own playing paradise, offering a number of indoor and outdoor playing, as well as educational facilities.

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Swimming Pool Activities at the Kangaroo Kids Club at Penina Hotel and Golf Resort
Swimming Pool Activities at the Kangaroo Kids Club at Penina Hotel and Golf Resort


Daily programmes full of fun activities from games, competitions, sport lessons and learning experiences tailored to different age groups.

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Garden at the Kangaroo Kids Club at Penina Hotel and Golf Resort
Garden at the Kangaroo Kids Club at Penina Hotel and Golf Resort

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